A Smarter Approach to Procurement

Most companies only scratch the surface of procurement efficiency. Those that dig deeper discover that the savings can be dramatic. External purchasing is the largest single expense category for most firms, averaging 43% of total costs. Bain research shows that…continue reading

Supply Chain Managers Provided With Top Seven Manufacturing Technology Predictions – Article from Supply Chain Management Review

It has been evidenced that automation in sales is very disappointing for many suppliers of equipment as well as investment uncertainties outcomes.  The industrial automation for the vendor will be hopeful to get its desired outcomes towards intended technological advancement.…continue reading

Automation and Value Creation Among Key Findings in New Procurement Study – Article from Supply Chain Management Review

ProcureCon’s Annual CPO Study released today indicates that procurement is looking forward to greater levels of automation, Big Data utilization, and more internal client-friendly sourcing tools. “Exploring the Role of Technology in Procurement’s Strategic Transformation: A Look Forward Into 2017,”…continue reading

United States Air Force Selects PTC Service Parts Management to Optimize Its Supply Chain

In the current competitive environment, increase in lead time or throughput time reduces the credibility of the organization to sustain its competitive edge. In this regard, the role of supply chain management cannot be neglected. The company manages with millions…continue reading