Automation and Value Creation Among Key Findings in New Procurement Study – Article from Supply Chain Management Review

Automation system in the supply chain procedures reduces the critical problems regarding replenishment of inventory and manufacturing capacities. It is really important to initialize the technological implementations during procurements to sustain the relationship between buyer and supplier. To integrate such…continue reading

Close the Loop on Supply Chain Risk: 5 Strategies to Move Product, Boost Sales and Automate Efficiency

The understanding of supply chain risk management entailed with the vulnerabilities and probability of risk occurrence in supply chain activities. The functions of supply chain management are the combination of procurement, order management, inventory management, and logistics, forecasting & planning…continue reading

United States Air Force Selects PTC Service Parts Management to Optimize Its Supply Chain

In the current competitive environment, increase in lead time or throughput time reduces the credibility of the organization to sustain its competitive edge. In this regard, the role of supply chain management cannot be neglected. The company manages with millions…continue reading