Blockchain-Accelerated Commerce™

Crowdz, the B-Commerce Company™, is the creator of the world’s first blockchain-based B2B ecommerce marketplace. Applying cutting-edge blockchain and artificial-intelligence principles to traditional B2C and B2B marketplace models, Crowdz automates product search & sourcing, accelerates commercial transactions, and streamlines predictive-data analytics in ways never before possible.


The Global Commerce Challenge

The global commerce market will exceed $50 trillion by 2020, almost evenly split between B2C & B2B commerce. Yet, only 15% of B2C commerce & 23% of this commerce (only 11% in the U.S.) will be digitized. This lack of digitization imposes long delays & huge inefficiencies on commercial transactions, costing global buyers & sellers an aggregate $4 trillion or more each year in lost sales & added costs.


The B-Commerce Opportunity

B-Commerce—or blockchain-based commerce—is the solution to these challenges. It is, in short, the future of ecommerce, even of all commerce. But while most current blockchain applications focus on payments, security, identity, and provenance—all critical issues, to be sure—Crowdz is dedicated to a more transcendent purpose: making blockchain an enabler and expediter of online transactions.


Here’s how. The distributed, immutable ledgers & decentralized operation of blockchain enable building of permanent, standards-based, high-integrity databases of product information whose elements can be dynamically summoned, parsed, and displayed instantaneously, in any form desired. And because all data points within each defined product space are organically interconnected, one change anywhere instantly propagates everywhere—producing a truly Smart Transaction Network™ (STN).


The Crowdz B-Commerce Marketplace

Crowdz’s B-Commerce Marketplace will encompass each of the following next-generation transaction capabilities, all of which are development priorities of the Crowdz B-Commerce effort:

  • Digitization. Crowdz will automate digitization of product catalogs onto the Ethereum blockchain, including all product attributes, according to a consistent, global category & attribute taxonomy and product-identification system.
  • Product discovery. This consistent taxonomy & product-ID system will increase product-discovery speed & accuracy by up to 10X while enabling precise, network-wide price & features comparisons.
  • Buyer/seller matching. Crowdz will automate buyer/seller matching via A.I. & machine-learning so that sellers are dynamically connected to the most likely buyers at the point of purchase decision. It also will enable “virtual group purchasing” to reduce optimize price vs. purchase volume.
  • Smart transactions. Crowdz will create the first self-executing purchasing & payments network that will automate search & transaction and enable elimination of antiquated EDI payment systems.


The Crowdz Team

The Crowdz executive team has 80+ years’ combined experience in supply chain, retail, B2B commerce, and ecommerce, including 20 years’ experience leading supply-chain operations management for Cisco.




Meet Our Team