A.I. for the Supply Chain™

Crowdz builds SMART Transaction Networks™—the world’s first self-executing supply chains. Applying artificial-intelligence principles to critical supply-chain challenges, Crowdz accelerates sourcing and supply, enhances supply-chain diversification, and helps synchronize supply and demand through intelligent transaction agents (ITAs) embedded in supply-chain transaction streams. These API-based agents effectively digitize the supply chain, automatically routing goods and materials transactions in real-time to the most reliable, highest-quality, lowest-cost suppliers, thereby enabling companies to rapidly exploit emerging market trends, minimize lost sales, and virtually eliminate excess inventory.

The Supply-Chain Challenge

The global supply chain—from raw materials through manufacturing and distribution to end-user retail and ecommerce—is a $855 billion business, projected to grow to $1.1 trillion by 2020. And yet, today, it suffers from antiquated systems and processes and crippling inefficiencies, including:

  • An uncertain sourcing environment, beset by geopolitical instability, a lack of real-time visibility into suppliers’ reliability, quality, and capacity, limited or no warning of impending supply-chain disruptions, and slow adaptation to such disruptions should they occur.
  • Growing demand uncertainty, including shorter lead times, smaller purchase volumes, and highly volatile and unpredictable buyer interest, especially for new products—making it harder than ever before for companies throughout the supply chain to predict and prepare for demand fluctuations.

The result is an increasing inability to synchronize supply & demand, producing such outcomes as $472 billion in lost income per year due to excess inventory and $634 billion lost annually due to stock-outs.

The Crowdz.AI Solution

 Crowdz designs and builds blockchain-based SMART Transaction Networks that provide real-time, self-executing connections among retail and manufacturing companies and their existing and potential suppliers. Each Crowdz SMART Transaction Network incorporates these four key components:

  • Dynamic SMART Scores that provide real-time predictive intelligence on the performance, viability, reliability, capacity, product quality, and sustainability of companies’ current and potential suppliers.
  • Supplier Discovery Bots—digital search tools that continuously monitor supplier data sources to identify new and alternative suppliers intelligently matched to companies’ current and future needs.
  • Network CrowdBuys that automatically aggregate product demand across multiple purchasers and selling points, providing real-time price reductions as the aggregate volume of purchases increases.
  • Intelligent Transaction Agents that transform static purchase agreements into self-executing “smart contracts” that automatically route purchases of goods & materials to the most reliable, highest-quality, lowest-cost suppliers, while digitally executing fund transfers and required documentation.

The Crowdz.AI ecosystem will generate billions of transactional data points that will serve as the foundation of a new generation of predictive data analytics that will increase the efficiency of companies’ sourcing and supply operations even as they improve forecasts of future demand.


From Months to Milliseconds™ 

The automation of supply-chain operations via the processes just described can accelerate supply and sourcing transactions, reducing execution times in many cases from months to milliseconds, through:

  • Continuous supplier monitoring. As events unfold anywhere in the world, these events are instantly factored into suppliers’ dynamic SMART Scores, providing real-time tendency-to-fail alerts that can automatically initiate failover to alternative suppliers, virtually eliminating supply-chain disruptions.
  • Self-pricing supply chains. As price changes take place anywhere within the supply chain, these changes are immediately disseminated to all relevant transaction points, allowing for pre-negotiated price and supply changes to automatically match supply with demand.
  • Price-spike protection. If price increases within a supply chain exceed a specified minimum, Crowdz’s intelligent transaction agents automatically reroute purchases to pre-vetted, lower-cost suppliers, preventing price spikes from rippling through the supply chain.
  • Real-time sales-volume aggregation. As purchases are made at any selling point within a SMART Transaction Network, the purchase price at all points is automatically reduced according to preset rules, with rebates provided to all previous customers so that early purchasers are not penalized.
  • Predictive analytics. Anonymous, real-time monitoring at all transaction points within the Crowdz.AI ecosystem, combined with ongoing feedback from integrated purchase-prediction modules, generate predictive supply and demand analytics of unprecedented accuracy, insight, and utility.


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