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Output 1: Ideation of Blockchain Potential in Nepal and in UNOPS—Develop a list of potential applications of blockchain technology both within Nepal and within UNOPS in general. For each idea created, it will also be important to identify key elements that relate to its potential as a project or initiative within UNOPS, including:

1)    The kinds of technology that would be required;

2)    Potential partner and collaborating organizations working in blockchain;

3)    The government, intergovernmental, NGO, and private sector organizations that would be engaged;

4)    Potential challenges or roadblocks, including legal and regulatory restraints; and

5)    Cost and time implications.

Output 2: Further Development of Most Viable and Promising Concepts—From the broader list of potential applications of blockchain technology, the contractor will help identify a small number (3-5) of promising concepts that deserve further research. The contractor will support UNOPS to further research the potential of each idea, including identifying possible partners, key hurdles or roadblocks, and further developing the potential resource (time and money) needs.  Based on this development, the contractor will support UNOPS to develop short concept notes which can serve as the basis for discussions with potential funders and partners.

Output 3: Develop Project Proposal Around Blockchain—As potential project ideas and funding opportunities are identified, the contractor will support UNOPS to develop project proposals for submission to potential funding organizations.

3. Monitoring and Progress Controls

(Clear description of measurable outputs, milestones, key performance indicators and/or reporting requirements which will enable performance monitoring)

  • The following deliverables will be submitted by the contractor as requested by UNOPS.
  1. Project Ideation Report
  2. Concept Notes for Promising Projects
  3. Project Proposal
  • Ensure high quality project design observing all Clients, local and UN standards applicable and all relevant OH & S procedures are adhered to and in an acceptable manner for LKOC
  • The consultant shall submit all relevant and necessary information to UNOPS and the consultants appointed by UNOPS for review as directed by UNOPS.
  • It is the UNOPS’ responsibility to organize transport for the design consultant for any field visits outside of Kathmandu and organize accommodation/ lodging for his stay.


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