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THERE is a revolution brewing in the world of coffee.

To quote the opening lyrics from the hit single Something in the Air by Thunderclap Newman which states: “Call out the instigators, Because there’s something in the air, We’ve got to get together sooner or later. Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right And you know that it’s right…”

What we are living through in the world today is what is being referred to as the ‘third wave’ in the history of coffee development across the globe.

The first wave of change in how we view coffee started in the 16th Century, the second wave came in the 1960s with the advent of freeze dried coffee and now the third which started in New Zealand has caused a storm in Australia.

This ‘third wave’ is the spread and increase of independent coffee shops which roast, grind and sell coffee.

Part of the renaissance in the world of coffee or the life of a Barista has landed in Wellington.

It has arrived in Somerset thanks to Tom and Claire Brazier who have set up shop at unit 10, Tonedale Mill, Wellington.

These artisans of coffee noticed what was brewing in Australia, thanks to the fact Claire is Australian and along with Tom when they go out to Oz to visit her parents they saw this new coffee sensation.

As a result of this light bulb moment, the couple decided to set up in Wellington in October 2016 and they now have created a niche coffee shop which is riding the wave of success.

They supply roasters and supply wholesale shops across the South West, along the Jurassic Coast and up towards Glastonbury.

Tom said: “The coffee beans we get are graded as 84 on the Q Grade Scale.

“This means it is the best quality and is full of taste.

“I love everything to do with coffee.

“There is a lot of different things which can go wrong when roasting coffee as there are 1,000 different chemical reactions “The roast can be effected by having too much air or the speed of the drum.

“There is a huge amount of complexity “We have 12-15 single coffee and get beans from Ethiopia, Burundi, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Columbia and Guatamala.

Somerset County Gazette:

“Ethiopia has the best climate for growing coffee and in the country there are 2,000 different varieties of coffee.”

Amongst the coffee The Brazier Coffee Roasters sell are: – Filter blend is perfect for pour-over and drip filter coffee.

we carefully select green beans with exciting, diverse flavour characteristics and roast them in a way that both preserves and enhances their flavour. the beans come from small producers who are paid a fair price and we take pride in our ability to trace each coffee right through the supply chain.

– Altitude is their flag ship, their signature roast. It has a smooth, nutty and caramel flavour that can only be achieved by seeking out some of the hardest to reach green beans.

Somerset County Gazette:

– Seasonal This blend takes advantage of the international coffee crop cycles to ensure a fresh and vibrant cup of coffee.

– Single origins include those from Hawaii, Bolivia and Mexico. This is where they get a little geeky – each new bean that arrives at our roastery is put through a rigorous testing and tasting process in order to find the ‘sweet spot’.

Tom has always had a ‘sweet spot’ for coffee.

Explaining his love of the coffee bean, he said: “In Australia it is like a religion. They talk about coffee like we talk about the weather.

“Where did you go for coffee is part of the conversation.

“Barista’s in Australia can earn £45,000 a year and can become household names.

“Coffee has gone from being something I used to have to wake up in the morning to being something which is delicious, full of flavour and an experience in its own right.

“For me it is a passion as it is all part of your quality of life.

Somerset County Gazette:

“What we deliver with our coffee is you are not disconnected from the supply chain and you know where your coffee comes from, who grew it and who roasted and ground it.

“In terms of coffee we are on the cusp of a wave, a revolution.”

And this revolution is set to continue as the next big things in coffee will be home coffee making machines and cold brew.

Cold Press – this is more than just an Iced coffee. Brazier Coffee Roasters take their hand-roasted speciality coffee beans and cold brew them for 24 hours, a process which enhances the natural sweetness and flavours of the coffee.

Pressed, mixed with agave nectar and bottled. This is the freshest, tastiest cold-coffee drink around.

Somerset County Gazette:

Tom added: “This is a coffee revolution and what is exciting we are part of what is helping to re-dress the balance from big business and the multi-national.

“This is the way forward.”

One of the ways forward for Tom and Claire and their business is through Kickstart.

This is a crowd funding site where people put their money to help then kick start a new part of their business.

You pledge money to them and this would allow the couple to open up a new area where they can serve food.

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