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08 May 2017 02:46pm IST

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08 May 2017 02:46pm IST

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Sogle Borem a Goa-based company aims to establish Goan companies on global online platforms, thereby growing sales and improving customer service. Miguel Werner Egipsy Souza alongwith Ashish Kamat spoke to VIKANT SAHAY on what their company has to offer

HERALD: What is your field of specialty and how is it different from your competitors?

MIGUEL WERNER EGIPSY SOUZA: Our field of specialty is financial technology, understanding the entire supply chain from a financial cash flow perspective and an inventory flow. In this way we cover the eco-system from manufacturers to suppliers to retailers, ending with the customers.

HERALD: How does your company help Goans?

MWES: There are many problems faced by Goan businesses, starting with the economy going down and unemployment going up. Our interest is to improve sales and service for Goan companies and in the bargain, provide more and more employment to Goan youth, especially engineers. By increasing sales for local companies, we are there by increasing employment opportunities. Where systems are employed, engineers are needed to set up and maintain. For example, we have set up a taxi booking system at a client, which entails the need for data entry operators.

HERALD: Who are your major customers?

MWES: We have customers in medical supply chain, in tourism supply chain and in FMCG supply chain. Our customers are companies who are familiar with using computer systems and having faced issues, are looking at systems which are more user-friendly and easy to integrate with other systems especially accounting systems. The focus is on bringing the Goan experience of great culture at affordable prices. 

HERALD: What issues did you have to face when you thought of launching this company? 

MWES: The major issues are towards registration of the company. I would advise all start-ups to look at the LLP model, versus any other form of company, as this provides the most flexibility and is the fastest to form. The main thing which has to be well thought out is the business plan especially around how to keep running costs low and keep the company innovative. CIBA is a great starting point, as the environment introduces you to other start-ups and keeps you aware of all the various groups and incentives which the start-up needs to avail of. Being a part of groups set up by Manguirish Salelkar and Jervis Periera helped a lot.

HERALD: What made you work as an entrepreneur in Goa? 

MWES: Being born in Dubai, it amazes me that we still do not have a lot of the systems which we took for granted in Dubai. Having come from the mobile software industry, it is very easy to see where we are as a State and where we need to go, especially with regards to digital maps, having worked in MapmyIndia in 2009 and seeing that while digital mapping is getting better in Goa, the services to access it, especially Google are deteriorating rather than improving. For example, there was a Google Latitude application in 2010, to help you find and meet up friends more easily. Suddenly it disappeared and then MapmyIndia launched an application called Reachme. Hence even Google is not reliable and we need to build systems to replace it. Justdial is another glaring example of a great mobile search service which has today turned into another e-commerce portal.

HERALD: How do you see the Goa market? Are you planning to spread out? 

MWES: We see the Goa market developing more of an appetite for systems, especially once GST kicks in and the value of networked systems slowly becomes something that most companies look towards. Once the supply chains are effectively implemented, we look towards the global Goan market for our customers where a manufacturer of Goan masaalas can then target Goans in Canada and Australia, where the margins are higher along with higher volumes. This will reap great dividends for the Goan company who will be able to sit at home and still reach a Global Goan customer who is insistent on quality from his home State. We do not see ourselves spreading out, we see our products reaching the world and partners sprouting up around the world to support our growth.

HERALD: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

MWES: In five years from now, we will be able to start seeing all the Tiatrs in Goa, being viewed on a mobile phone in New Zealand, since by then, we will be able to deliver high quality Goan media to the world. By then, the issue over Konkani script will disappear, because we will be delivering Konkani audio books online.

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