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CHICAGO, May 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — IONX LLC, an Amsted Rail Company, and European asset management company Ermewa Group announced today that they have executed a preliminary cooperation agreement, which includes the supply and purchase of telematics solutions for the different Ermewa group portfolio of companies. This cooperation will help further differentiate Ermewa Group as a leading-edge logistics provider by digitizing their various service offerings to their customers.

This project includes IONX telematics equipment, proprietary wireless sensors, and its Rail Supply Chain Visibility (RSCV) software application. This integrated telematics platform delivers the benefits of advanced supply chain data science and analytics to keepers and wagon operators. Further, it will be deployed on many other unpowered assets, not just railcar wagons, improving overall asset utilization and reliability.

Mr. David Zindo, Chief Executive Officer, Ermewa Group, shared in a statement, “Ermewa is focused on delivering exceptional customer responsiveness while moving the supply chain offerings forward by leveraging digital technology, which is a key part of Ermewa’s strategy.” Mr. Zindo went on to state, “Our evaluation of the various telematics alternatives across the market, largely driven by customer feedback, lead us to the decision to cooperate with IONX. The ability to provide supply chain efficiency, improved asset utilization, and lower overall operating costs are very important to our customers. The IONX solution is a flexible platform that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers, and more importantly, assist in achieving their supply chain objectives.”

“Amsted Rail’s IONX solution brings over 10 years of telematics experience.  We have enhanced our solution over the past few years to meet the expectations of our European customers and this has enabled us to be prepared for an opportunity like this with such a reputable and leading company like Ermewa Group,” said Amsted Rail Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Brad Myers.  “We look forward to expanding our services across many customers in the region; our goal is to provide significant flexibility, competitive pricing, and a highly reliable telematics solution.”


IONX LLC is a developer of ultra-low power wireless telematics solutions for railcars. The system uses a combination of the latest GPS technology, proven robust wireless sensor systems, and reliable cellular communication networks that seamlessly integrate with IONX software. IONX allows users to monitor the location and status of a railcar or other assets, as well as the condition of critical components in near real-time by providing timely, accurate and actionable information.

About Amsted Rail

Amsted Rail is the global leader in fully integrated bogie systems for the heavy haul freight market, with facilities spanning 40 locations across 10 countries and 6 continents. Through their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Amsted Rail is redefining industry standards for innovation and technology, providing customers worldwide with unmatched performance and reliability for the long haul.       

About Ermewa

Ermewa Group is a European leader for industrial railcars, tank containers and locomotives leasing services. As such Ermewa Group  specialises in designing, optimising and managing strategic assets for the global supply chain, helping customers become more efficient in their core activities.

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