Supply Chain / Materials Specialist

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Materials Specialist will be responsible for the following:

  • Reviewing and monitoring production plan and initiating purchase orders as needed to meet production plan
    • Interacting with suppliers, coordinators and managers as needed regarding material orders
      • Inputting material requests into ERP system (SAP) and managing various systems related with the production
        • Initiating the logistical processes for shipment and receipt of goods ordered
          • Managing inventory levels effectively to meet guidelines set by leadership
            • Assisting with cycle counts and physical inventories as directed to ensure inventory accuracy
              • Analyzing and adjusting minimum quantities and batch sizes for the components
                • Taking action to avoid out-of-stock and over-stock situations
                  • Communicating with Receiving Department to certify materials are delivered properly and counted precisely
                    • Assisting the departmental continuous improvement projects to increase the efficiency of the warehouse. The projects include gathering and analyzing data, as well as formulating reports and presentations.
                      • Cooperating with Assembly, Machining and Quality departments to minimize and handle scrap components
                        • Building and maintaining strong relationships
                          • Handling certain Accounts Payables such as Commercial Sanitization, Maintenance Production Equipment, and Maintenance Transportation Equipment
                            • Managing scrap sales from production by inspecting their processes and analyzing work orders
                              • Making journal entries of Accounts Receivables from scrap sales such as Aluminum, Metal, Plastic, and Cardboard
                                • Preparing the CKD items for Event at each stage and transferring the parts to Improvement Team

                                  Materials Specialist must possess:

                                  • Bachelor s degree or equivalent experience in facilitations and or instructional system design

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