Supply Chain Manager

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Job Description

The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for directing the purchasing, warehousing, distribution and flow of materials with our organization to limit costs and improve accuracy, customer service, and safety. Examines existing procedures and processes for opportunities to streamline activities to meet production needs. Directs the movement, storage and processing of Inventory.

Supply Chain Manager Responsibilities include but not limited to:
* Develops and implements Inventory management and control strategy.
* Manages material and hardware purchasing to meet production needs and schedules.
* Monitors production requirements to identify changes and determine the impact to supply chain activities.
* Reviews production schedules and confers with scheduler, team leaders and other managers to identify key material risk areas and expedite as necessary.
* Effectively plan and manage Inventory to increase Inventory turns, reduce waste, and optimize customer service.
* Corrects problems in Bill of Material and Routes that cause discrepancies in material flow and Inventory accuracy.
* Prepare purchase orders to vendors. Monitor supplier performance to access quality and delivery.
* Requisitions material and establishes sequential delivery to departments according to order priority.
* Complies with terms of all vendor contracts and agreements.
* Arranges transfer of materials to meet production requirements
* Servers as ERP system technical leader to maintain accurate accounting of materials, in-Process, FG and status and location of materials.
* Manage the cycle count and physical Inventory process and procedures.
* Designs, implements, and tests internal controls, documentation, reporting, training and systems to drive Inventory accuracy.
* Establishes partnerships with other departments to build inventory accuracy, standard procedures, controls, and systems.
* Develops procedures for coordination of supply chain management with other functional areas including sales, engineering, finance, production and quality
* Participates in the coordination of engineering changes, product line extensions, or new product launches to ensure orderly and timely transitions in material or
production flow.
* Drives Continuous Improvement in processes and systems.
* Negotiate prices and terms with suppliers, vendors and freight forwarders.
* Manages the material control technicians and Procurement/Inventory Coordinator.

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