CalAmp iOn Tags Deliver Supply Chain Visibility

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According to a recent announcement, CalAmp, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) enablement solutions, has made available a new series of so-called iOn Tag smart sensors designed to deliver better visibility into product temperature, humidity, light, shock and movement at the package and pallet-level as shipments travel through the global supply chain.

Businesses face loss of customer loyalty and brand value, and also non-compliance with regulatory mandates, unless they achieve detailed visibility into supply chain operations. This is especially challenging for sensitive shipments consisting of perishable food and pharmaceutical products that must endure global transit and maintain critical levels of freshness and quality.

A new sensor product suite from CalAmp, iOn Tags and iOn Trak devices, are now ready to give businesses such detailed insights into the conditions that can affect product quality, including total elapsed transit time and other environmental variables, to help ensure integrity of goods, the company said. It allows on-demand and custom alerts so shipments can be closely tracked and monitored as they move through the supply chain to maintain governance and regulatory compliance.

These intelligent IoT sensors verify products through the CalAmp Supply Chain Integrity (SCI) system, the company’s product visibility solution, and they link to the company’s SCiOn Command Portal to allow customers to follow products from origin to destination and assess potential risk situations.

“Our goal with iOn Tag smart sensors integrated with CalAmp’s SCI system is to increase the visibility and reliability of data relating to pallet-level temperature, quality and time,” said Paul Washicko, VP and GM, SaaS business, CalAmp. “We’re leveraging IoT technology to help improve overall supply chain integrity by keeping all shipments on track and cold chain products fresh, compliant and within regulatory standards.”

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