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LONDON–()–Global analytics and advisory firm Quantzig has recently completed a research project for a leading American manufacturer and retailer to help the client enhance their supply chain visibility and demand-supply management, and to allow them to make better and more informed demand management decisions.

Intensified competition in the global market has made it more important now than ever before to have the ability and resources to consistently meet consumer demand, which is leading to an increase in the use of supply chain analytics. Insufficient capabilities in terms of outsourcing, supply chain visibility, and supply chain management can hinder business operations and reduce a company’s competitiveness.

The purpose of this research project was to develop a solution that would allow the client to have better visibility of supply chain processes and enhance their operational efficiency, and to help the client overcome challenges related to demand planning and inventory optimization. The client also wanted Quantzig to find a solution that addressed the complexities of their supply chain, particularly those associated with suppliers, manufacturing partners, and logistics.

Quantzig’s supply chain analytics experts developed a highly-effective solution using regression and hidden Markov models that allowed the client to expand its analytics capabilities and better manage the complexity of data and information related to their supply chain. Additionally, Quantzig’s experts developed a real-time dashboard using Tableau to give the client access to information regarding orders, invoices, forecasts, and product backlog.

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Quantzig’s retail and consumer product goods portfolio

The industry is subject to changing customer needs, shopping behaviours, and purchasing preferences. The use of retail and customer analytics solutions in this industry is essential to make informed decisions about pricing strategies, product promotions, merchandising planning, and other business functions. Quantzig’s CPG and retail analytics solutions utilize predictive and prescriptive analytics to assist companies with critical decision making.

Solutions Provided by Quantzig

  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Spend Analysis and Supplier Evaluation
  • Logistics and Transportation Analytics
  • Supply Chain Performance
  • Inventory Planning and Replenishment
  • Network Planning and Optimization
  • And many more

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