SA Supply Chain Finance Strategy Supervisor

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People Management:

Leadership management, using Monsanto’s leadership competency model.

Conduct meaningful career / development conversations with all employees. Take time to understand Career Aspirations, Strengths and Development needs in order to build robust IDP’s, DPR and People Review.

Develop a clear carrer path to all members of the Team and help them get exposure through different forums.

Strategic Planning:

Focal Point for SA Hub for the Supply Chain Finance Global Team.

Support South America Supply Chain Long Range Plan and Forecast for all businesses along the team.

Support Business Cases focused on Manufacturing Processes,  COGM/COGS, Inventories, Capex, Make.


Support Headquarters requests for Supply Chain Finance.

Coordinate and support Budget, LRP and Forecast processes for Capex, Cost Management and Procurement.

Manage the consolidated information for Management Dashboards for the Suuply Chain Finance organization.

Support standadization for Capex, Cost Management reports and Strive for Five, Procurement Analysis/Process  Improvements and Customer Care reports.

Lead benchmark with other regions in order to standardize Supply Dashboards globaly.

Compliance: Ensure that compliance and internal control processes are conducted so as to prevent risks and tax exposures.

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