New CDL requirement in AR teaches truckers to watch for human trafficking victims

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  • Arkansas has become the latest state to to pass legislation requiring new CDL license holders to pass a course aimed at alerting drivers to human trafficking, Overdrive reported Tuesday.
  • Ohio has already passed the legislation, while the requirement is pending approval in Texas and Kansas.
  • The online course is provided free of charge, and is provided by Truckers Against Trafficking. Drivers are taught to watch for tell-tale signs of trafficking, including observing individuals riding with other drivers or for suspicious activity at or around truck stops.

Dive Insight:

Initiatives like those pushed Truckers Against Trafficking highlight the importance of multi-stakeholder action to stem human trafficking, and the power of logistics networks to keep a watchful eye for the international crime.

Truckers Against Trafficking has previously partnered with organizations like Polaris and UPS to provide training for drivers. In a previous partnership, 471 cases of human trafficking were uncovered, which included 285 minors. 

Professional drivers are uniquely positioned to gain access to places where trafficking can and does occur. Gaining the knowledge and ability to spot these crimes could make inroads in saving lives. While performing their required duties, trained drivers may more easily note irregular circumstances and identify those who are potentially at risk.

The engagement of these vital members of the supply chain highlights the dual role professionals can play while on the job.  Requiring training in advance of certification empowers drivers to report potentially troubling circumstances. Recognition of trouble, and the willingness to take action by stakeholders in Arkansas, makes society safer and encourages everyone to participate in protecting lives.

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