OIA Global Now Acquires American Cargo Express

High level of transportation management required with optimization of logistics services . The effective transportation system is the main part of logistics that helps in the delivery of goods with minimal lead-time. OIA global is the very populous brand in global transportation services. The company provides in greater service of solutions towards supply chain management. In the recent, the OIA logistics acquired American cargo express with multiple of services offerings. The OIA global provides incredible services of domestic and international freight forwarding and services of warehousing as well. The CROWDZ supply chain engine executes supply-demand analytics to make the better decision that enhances demand forecasting and getting real-time data. Therefore OIA global should take initialization of supply-demand predictability that increases in transparency, dynamic pricing and regional forecast data in essential and flexible manner.
The services of OIA are the global leader in freight forwarding and need to manage inventory by integration with the warehousing operational system. Trade management, as well as effective inventory replenishment, is to intake higher level of committed values in supply chain management. To sustain the competitive edge in the market the optimized network of OIA global continued in managing freight operations. The main footprints of the company in Canada, after the acquisition the OIA global are pertinent with the global network to optimize their services. In this regard, the company initialized with the SMART contracts that provided by CROWDZ supply chain engines to attain real-time communication system with globalized networks. Such SMART contract technology Supplier Management and Reliability Tracker has immense importance in transportation and logistics management. The real-time communication system is useful tools for the manufacturers to manage their orders according to the delivery of goods. Therefore transportation management needs to collaborate with the central region and supplier to attain best throughput time for the manufacturing goods. The expanded networks of OIA global services ensure the higher level of supply logistician experts in their supply chain process.  The optimization of supply chain needs to consider effective logistics management to prolong best supply chain executions to meet necessary demands of customer and suppliers as well.

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