OIA Global Now Acquires American Cargo Express

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One of the very popular brands – OIA Global, which is a leader in the global transportation, a great packaging solutions service provider and an expert in supply chain management, recently made an announcement that it has now acquired the popular company American Cargo Express (ACE), which is a New Jersey-based company that offers multiple services like International and domestic freight forwarding, trading management services, and also warehousing services. The firm did not disclose any details about the financial transactions related to this acquisition.

Mr. Charlie Hornecker, who is the current CEO of the OIA Global, stated that the company values ACE’s thirty plus years of commitment in offering top class freight forwarding, its incredible warehousing services, and also the inventory plus the trade management offerings to all its end customers. He added that by joining hands with ACE, OIA’s footprint will now be expanding to an extremely competitive Canadian market and it will thereby add on to the global network of solutions that will have the other popular countries like Asia, Europe as well as South America.

On the other side, the President of the very popular American Cargo Express – Mr. Rick Trizano stated that his company is now collaborating with a rapidly growing firm with some of the highly unique and stable value propositions in the field of supply chain as well as the logistics space. He went on to add that OIA’s capability of managing customers’ procurement as well as sourcing needs will certainly go very well with that of the ACE’s  services in the supply chain division. He also stated that OIA had an incredible employee-oriented work culture and this is what makes it a much better company.

Mr. Charlie stated that these kinds of acquisitions will only work well if both the companies can still go on to provide high value-enhanced services along with constant innovations happening on a timely basis. Both the firms’ main focus has to deliver the best service to the customers. He also added that Canada will now be the 27th nation where OIA will be operating and he states that the firm will certainly continue to now properly explore these kinds of acquisitions in the coming years, provided these are really strategic to the business that will help in growing the brand as a whole and expand network and also create great value to the end customers.

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