6 Ways Automated Visual Reporting Improves the Supply Chain

Most of the companies are facing issues in managing their business operations from supplier to end customers. Lack of inventory replenishment, poor response time and delays in final delivery of goods to the end customer reduces the credibility to get potential in the business operations. Therefore, there is need to improve supply chain by automated visual reporting. Such solution provided by Crowdz supply chain engine to increase the efficiency of overall supply chain networks.

The dream of the optimized network of supply chain runs like clockwork that needs predictable results. While utilization of excel is fine but nothing provide growth and systematic results according to competitive supplier characteristics.  In the current business environment, the problems in the supply chain management could not pertain under just excel tool. In this way, real-time analytics tools need to be utilized that provides trickle down effects and actively involve supply chain partners.  Therefore, utilization of excel data does not provide real-time analytics, however, supply chain organizations formulate framework towards real data accumulations that increase productivity as well as decrease waste for supply chain sustainability.

There are five ways for data visualization that improve supply chain operations. Such data visibility to both buyer and supplier helps in managing overall supply chain activities in the best way. The first one of data visualization is visibility of data to all departments that set up a passive information delivery system. The second data visualization is monitor production, to keep track in line move with real time through the information system. In monitoring, production employees have the power to respond quickly to the occurrence of any problem. The third data visualization is free up IT for other tasks. A Higher level of insights and automated reporting generated through Free up IT. The fourth data visualization is reduced weekend & overtime hours to increase employee satisfaction and enhance overall employee morale. The fifth data visualization is improved supply & demand that enables faster decision making among supply chain partners. The last data visualization way is to keep sales teams on right path, to keep products moving out the door as well as into customer’s hand.

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