United States Air Force Selects PTC Service Parts Management to Optimize Its Supply Chain

In the current competitive environment, increase in lead time or throughput time reduces the credibility of the organization to sustain its competitive edge. In this regard, the role of supply chain management cannot be neglected. The company manages with millions of clients, and then the company needs to optimize their supply chain networks effectively. The crowdz provide the solution for complexities in the supply chain by the development of SaaS model. It is one of the largest supply chain engine solutions to maximize output with efficient performance in supply chain and operations management.

With the increase in globalization, the complexities in the supply chain management surge the overall performance of the organization. The United States air force identified the PTC service parts management towards SaaS solution. The development of the integrated framework of supply chain planning and forecasting enhances the Air force sustainment center location. The USAF is managing its complexities in the supply chain with over 5000 aircraft and supportive weapon system around the globe.

The model of SaaS specifically associated with the distribution software managing by third party providers host applications. Such software handled under the cloud computing to attain real-time communication system among supply chain partners. The company like PTC service parts management executed SaaS model to improve performance inventory and supply chain operations. Supply chain operations and planning integrated with the SaaS model, that improve accuracy in demand forecasting and reduction workload planning. In addition, the SaaS enable the suppliers to comprehensively delivered goods in real time and improve logistics cost estimations. This solution improves the capabilities of demand planning, optimization of inventory, effective supply chain planning, performance management and exception management as well. Therefore the complex network of USAF would be resolved by the SaaS model solution for the modernization I highly logistics infrastructure. It has been evidenced from the implication of SaaS model solution reduction in mission incapability of supply by 4 % and achieved service level by 90 % effectively. Thus the solution of Crowdz helps in managing issues of supply chain and optimize supply chain network by distribution software infrastructure.

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