Office lamps to suit your business’s needs and budget

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Adjustable arm is just part of its style

At Crowdz we have a huge range of desk lamps to suit every office.

Whether you are purchasing for a busy cooperation or a small office, you’ll need lamps which do a great job.

You don’t want your staff getting eye strain as they squint under dull lights.

Bright, functional office lamps will provide the right amount of light on the right angle so everything is displayed clearly.

Flashlight Table Lamp

This beautifully created desk lamp says it all about minimalism. It is made of high gloss powder coated metal and stands over 21 inches high.

It’s superb design angles and focuses light just where your staff need it.

Office lamps to suit everyone’s needs and budgetThe Flashlight Lamp

Credence Metal Table Lamp

This stunning desk lamp is fashioned with an adjustable pulley system that suits all office needs. It is constructed from iron-plated gun black steel, and an arched ball-bearing perforated stand.

It has an exquisite, narrow empire-shaped shade, and will transform any dull office desk in minutes.

Office lamps to suit everyone’s needs and budgetWhat a beautiful designed lamp

Contemporary Metal Desk Lamp

This amazing looking office lamp would suit a graphic designer or anyone needing to focus light on a particular spot.

It features a flexible arm which lets you adjust the brightness of the lamp depending upon your requirements. This amazing looking metallic table lamp has a simple design and has authentic electrical fittings.

Office lamps to suit everyone’s needs and budgetAdjustable arm is just part of its style

A well-designed lamp will look great on your company’s desks. They support your staff while they work, and add a dramatic touch of elegance and style.

Talk to Crowdz Buzz today about all your office needs.

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