Great office supplies are only a click away with Crowdz

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Koss headsets

Getting the right products for your office is easy with Crowdz.

With just one click you can get products like these for your staff.

Not only are they functional but they are stylish and designed to make your staff feel great.

Mouse pads with cats!

Who wouldn’t love these novelty mouse pads. They are made by Naturesmart who do not use petroleum-based materials like EVA, PVC or PU. There is no harmful glues or chemicals either.

Instead, the Naturalsmart mouse pad non-skid base is made with 60% rubber and 40% post-industrial recycled material.

The smooth surface is also made of recycled products too.

You can’t go wrong with these sustainable and affordable mouse pads.

Great office supplies are only a click away with CrowdzDelightful mousepads

Koss Headsets

These stylish and functional headsets are made for a busy office environment.

Your staff won’t be communicate with clients again.

Instead, they will enjoy the distortion reduction and noise cancelling features this headset offers.

The hands-free feature is going to offer freedom to write or type during calls.

The cushioned foam ear pads will make them easy and comfortable to wear all day.

Great office supplies are only a click away with CrowdzKoss headsets

Fellowes Microban Wireless Keyboard

This keyboards are great for your busy office. They are easy to use and are compatible with the Windows operating systems.

This great keyboard also have the Microban antimicrobial protection which helps keep them free from germs and bacteria.

Great office supplies are only a click away with CrowdzVersatile keyboard

Remember to see all the products in the Crowdz office catalogue.

You are bound to find some amazing bargains for your office.

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