DHL, Gavi partner to improve vaccine supply chains in developing countries

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MDBR Staff Writer Published 19 January 2017

Deutsche Post DHL Group and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance have collaborated to improve vaccine supply chains in developing countries.

The partnership will provide Gavi-supported countries with effective supply chain solutions over the next three years to improve health care delivery.

Initially, the partnership will launch a test program in Kenya  to address supply chain challenges to enhance access to life-saving vaccines.

Deutsche Post DHL Group’s logistics unit DHL, Gavi and the Kenyan Ministry of Health will launch a transportation management solution for the effective distribution of vaccines across the country.

Through integrating with control tower called transport support hub, the solution will help to improve speed and dependability of vaccine deliveries to hospitals, clinics and medical professionals in the country

The control tower will allow to effectively manage and coordinate third-party transport carriers and the use of DHL’s own global transportation network.

Deutsche Post DHL Group CEO Frank Appel said: “This enhanced relationship will allow Deutsche Post DHL Group to contribute its world class supply chain expertise and network towards making a real difference to vaccine distribution in the developing world – and, with this, to improve lives.”

Gavi CEO Dr Seth Berkley said: “Robust vaccine supply chains are a vital part of building strong health systems, so that children, parents, and communities can be reached wherever they live with life-saving vaccines.”

Image: Gavi CEO Seth Berkle with Deutsche Post DHL Group CEO Frank Appel. Photo: courtesy of Deutsche Post AG.

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