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apicsAU’s annual Supply Chain Innovation Report reveals that only one in five Australian organisations perceive their supply chains as innovative, despite 69.5% saying it’s in their strategy.

The report, conducted in collaboration with CHAINalytics, surveyed over 200 respondents in senior management positions in Australian organisations across a wide range of industries. Topics include influencers, drivers, technologies, collaborations and return on investments with respect to innovation across the supply chain and how they perceive themselves as Innovators, Early Adopters or Laggards.

apicsAU is a non-profit, professional membership community providing leadership and innovation, education and training and professional development for the Australian supply chain, procurement and logistics community.

Despite 69.5% of respondents saying that innovation was part of their corporate strategy, only 19.59% of respondents perceive their organisations as Innovators; 55.67% of respondents as Early Adopters/Early Majority, but 24.74% of respondents as Late Majority/Laggards. Key findings from the Supply Chain Innovation Report reveal:

  • Companies that self-identified as supply chain Innovators are pre-emptive in preparing and improving their supply chains and are quick to test, adopt or dispose of any new technology.
  • Supply chain Innovators support their innovation by both collaborating with and ‘listening to’ all extended supply chain stakeholders — from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer — not just their first-level suppliers or customers.
  • The top three influencers driving supply chain innovation in the industries surveyed included customer demand/behaviour, competitive forces and corporate responsibility while the bottom three influencers included regulatory environment, last-mile delivery and omni-channel.

CEO of apicsAU Dr Pieter Nagel said the Supply Chain Innovation Report provides some valuable insights to help members and the broader business community better position themselves for the future.

“More than ever before, the supply chain professional is under pressure to deliver customer satisfaction while simultaneously increasing efficiencies in the supply chain. To amplify this complexity further, supply chain professionals must adapt, guard and future-proof their organisations’ supply chains against disruptions.

“It is my hope that this report helps members identify some characteristics they can apply towards becoming an Innovator, paving the way for their organisational success.”

LIVE WEBINAR: Innovation in the Supply Chain

While many companies indicate that they do have a component of innovation as part of their corporate business strategy, many say their biggest departmental focus would be to innovate procurement, sales, products, warehousing and distribution followed by logistics systems i.e. planning systems, inbound goods and materials processes and distribution methods. Join apicsAU for a live webinar to hear how with new technology and advancements in business analytics you can integrate many of these departments into an innovative project to bring you continued success.

Smart Conference

apicsAU will continue to facilitate discussions and key learnings in innovation at the Smart Conference:

  • Event: Smart Conference 2017: Innovation, Productivity and Performance
  • When: 29-30 March 2017
  • Where: International Convention Centre, Sydney
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