Why is it important to choose office chairs that offer lumbar support?

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How can you choose an office chair that offers lumber support?

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If you are in charge of purchasing for the office it is often tempting to try and save money by purchasing inferior quality chairs. However, you could be costing your company more money in the long run.

Poor posture caused by cheap chairs can lead to back, shoulder and neck pain. It can also lead to severe damage to the lumbar region. This may mean lost hours in sick leave or a high, and costly, turnover of staff.

To avoid these issues choose chairs which are specifically designed to support and maintain staff health.

How can you choose an office chair that offers lumber support?Stylish and practical office chairs

Choose a chair that looks good and has great support

Don’t be fooled in thinking that all chairs that look great are good for your health. Make sure the office chairs you choose support the lumbar regions too.

Are you aware how many hours your employees spend sitting in your office chairs. On average the figure can reach 1,900 hours a year sitting in the one spot in front of a desk. If we multiple that by the number of years worked, we can see how important it is to offer great back support.

How can you choose an office chair that offers lumber support?Crowdz has a great range of chairs

Supporting the lower back

Many issues arise from damage done to a person’s lower back. Sitting all day squashes the spine and may lead to the debilitating condition, sciatica.

Sciatica is a medical condition characterized by pain going down the leg from the lower back, however, there may not be any pain in the lower back itself. While it affects one side of the body normally, it can affect both. It can cause weakness or numbness in various parts of the affected leg and foot.

A good office chair will have support for the lower back. A great office chair has adjustable lumbar support options which are designed to prevent back strain and sciatica.

How can you choose an office chair that offers lumber support?Office chairs for every budget

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