Make a lasting impression by providing quality refreshments for your clients

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Make a lasting impression by providing quality refreshments for your clients

Business owners and managers, make sure you impress your clients by giving them quality refreshments the next time they are in your office.

You don’t want important business meetings being spoiled by sour coffee or water that tastes gritty. Show them how important their business is to you by providing great tasting drinks.

You’ll certainly make a lasting impression with your clients with these great products from Crowdz.

Fruit infusion pitcher

This elegantly designed pitcher is so easy to use, and yet so functional.

Just add slices of your favorite fruits and ice to create a refreshing and nutritional drink. A wide range of fruits can be added such as oranges, limes, berries, and watermelon.

Why would you give your clients plain water when you can impress them with this stylish pitcher, and refreshing fruit flavoured drinks?

Fruit infusion pitcherFruit infusion pitcher

Water dispenser

Keeping hydrated is an important part of staying healthy in a busy office environment. Make sure your staff have access to pure, refreshing water all day.

This small, functional water dispenser holds a variety of bottle sizes, and can be set on desks for easy access.

Why not have one in the foyer for your clients to enjoy too?

water dispenserWater dispenser

Coffee percolator

No one likes bad coffee, and the last thing you want to do is put off your clients with coffee which is bitter and tastes awful.

This handy coffee percolator makes six delicious cups of coffee. It is easy to use, and keep clean.

Provide your clients with fresh, percolated coffee with a stylish coffee maker from Crowdz, and show how much you care about them and the business they’ll bring to your company.

Coffee percolator Coffee percolator

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