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Desk top sanitizer caddy

No one is really interested in office cleaning supplies until they can’t find them!

There is nothing worse when your staff’s hygiene needs are not met on a basic level. Each day we all need tissues, hand sanitizers, and yes, even toilet paper.

It’s just a fact of life.

Keeping your office or shop area clean is a great way to keep your staff healthy and happy. No one wants to work in an unsanitary environment either.

It just makes sense – keep your staff healthy and they won’t need to take so much time off.

Here are Crowdz we have a wide range of wholesale products at discounted prices for your office or shop. You will keep your staff happy, and make sure that your office never runs out of these important supplies again.

Soft handtowels

Make your staff’s day a whole lot more pleasant with these soft handtowels.

You can buy in bulk and save, and they come in branded boxes so they won’t look cheap or tacky on your staff’s desk.

You just never know when a client arrives and needs a good, quality tissue. Make an impression and show how accommodating your company is with these great tissues.

Soft handtowelsSoft handtowels

Desk top sanitizer caddy

Regardless of what industry your business is in, it is important that your staff have access to the best sanitation products.

Keeping your office germ-free and healthy is a must for all Health and Safety Managers. Healthy staff take less time off from illness, and are more productive.

It just makes sense to have a Workplace Sanitizer Caddy on every desk.

Desk top sanitizer caddyDesk top sanitizer caddyDesk top sanitizer caddy

Toilet paper, toilet tissue!

It doesn’t matter what you call it, toilet paper is a must for any office or shop.

You don’t want that cheap, nasty stuff either. Your staff deserve better.

And, come to think of it, so do your clients.

Make sure you never run out of this essential office supply again.

Toilet paper, toilet tissue!Toilet paper, toilet tissue!

Whatever your company does, maintaining a healthy office environment just makes sense. You’ll reduce staff absenteeism, and you’ll make your clients’ stay more comfortable.

Better still, Crowdz have all the supplies you need.

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