New Year, New You: Office-Ready Smartwatches for 2017

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In our world today it often seems as though being constantly connected to technology is a necessity, and nowhere is that more true than at the office. You want something that will remind you about that meeting, keep you in contact with your boss, let you know that your spouse called, AND keep you on track with your health and fitness goals. Our smartphones do all of us this for us, helping us through our busy work lives.

But what about the times when even your smartphone could use a little help? The smartwatch comes to the rescue! Smartwatches connect you to the most important info from your phone, with the convenience of a quick glance at your wrist and a tap of your finger. Plus smartwatches have features that help you track things like your steps, sleep, and calories burned. They also make for sharp looking accessories!

Here are my smartwatch picks for 2017!

The Sharp

The Ordro S10 Smart Sport Bracelet is a sleek, attractive smartwatch that looks great with any look. When it comes to features, this watch has it all. A pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, calorie counter, and incoming call and message reminders. Plus it’s weatherproof!


The Classy

The Bluetooth Waterproof Smart Watch brings the dapper looks, all the usual features such as pedometer and HR monitor, plus voice control and 3D arc screen features.


The Chic

While all of the other watches here are great for both men and women, the 3D Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch in white and pink is a chic, feminine option for the working woman. This watch is as sophisticated in features as it is in appearance.


The Smart

Polished and practical, the Uhappy UW1 Bluetooth Phone Watch in Silver is a classic smartwatch that brings the necessities, as well as an anti-lost feature.


The Bold

The perfect casual friday choice, this Bluetooth Wrist Smart Watch Phone Mate in Red is unique and fun. The silicone band ensures comfort, and the battery can provide about three hours of talk time!




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