Get the kids up bright and early with this great range of clocks and radios

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Paul Frank AM/FM Clock Radio

As parents we all know how hard it is to get the kids up in the morning for school.

No one wants to get out of bed on cold, chilly mornings.

Well, these fun alarm clocks and radios will help make this dreary task a whole lot easier.

Paul Frank AM/FM Clock Radio

Paul Frank AM/FM Clock RadioPaul Frank AM/FM Clock Radio

The Paul Frank AM/FM Clock Radio has rotary tuning and volume controls.

Kids can wake to the alarm or the radio.

It is also has battery back-up for the time and alarm settings.

The LED display is large enough to see even with sleepy eyes and, although you may not want the kids to use it, there’s a large snooze button within reach.

Disney Fairies AM/FM Clock Radio

Disney Fairies AM/FM Clock RadioDisney Fairies AM/FM Clock Radio

Rise and shine with this purple and grey Disney Fairies AM/FM Clock Radio from Disney.

The flower design is sure to brighten any child’s day, and the single alarm with snooze function is just the thing for getting her up for school.

Your child can tune the AM/FM radio to her favorite radio stations, and rock and roll right out of bed!

The LCD display has a backlight and other functions include a wake buzzer or radio setting; an alarm; FM wire antenna; built-in AM ferrite bar antenna; rotary volume controls and a full range speaker.

Hello Kitty AM/FM Stereo Alarm Clock Radio with Top Loading CD Player

Hello Kitty AM/FM Stereo Alarm Clock Radio with Top Loading CD PlayerHello Kitty AM/FM Stereo Alarm Clock Radio with Top Loading CD Player

How much fun is this Hello Kitty AM/FM Stereo Alarm Clock Radio?

Apart from having a great AM/FM stereo radio with alarm setting, it also includes a top-loading CD player.

Battery back-up and snooze functions make it practical and functional.

Best of all, your child can wake to the buzzer, the radio or their favorite CD every morning.

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